• perez says:

    Exercising your rights is on thing….. this is not exercising. Breathing. In foriegn particles is not good for you. What’s in that powder? Corn starch? Color? Dust is dust. Why do we have to sign a health wavier? Is this supervised by whom?(

    • Dr. Radlove says:

      Our color is a combination of FDA approved color mixed with cornstarch and we haven’t had any problems with breathing in regards to it. You do need to sign a waiver and we have EMT’s at all races.


    This will be our 4th year and it has been the most fun ever. We have looked forward to this each year and it’s the Raddest place to be in Bakersfield. We have kids 4 to adults over 44 and a couple who have asthma and we have had nothing but a great time. In fact this is the only 5K that doesn’t feel like a 5K. You are having so much fun and getting bombed and before you know it your at the finish line. The people who run this event are also awsome and very helpfull and just the Raddest group of people. Thanks for bringing this to Bakersfield.

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