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What IS Color Me Rad?


Exciting news for all you Color Me Rad enthusiasts out there – the popular and vibrant 5K race is back, and this time, it’s under new ownership! After a 3-year hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, Color Me Rad is ready to make a splash in the world of fun runs once again, and fans couldn’t be more thrilled!


For those who may not be familiar, Color Me Rad is not your average 5K race. The festival atmosphere and joyful mess-making create an experience different from any other fun run you’ve known. Participants start off wearing pristine white clothing, but as they pass each kilometer marker, the Color Bomb Squads launch vibrant arcs of color through the air to streak across their clothes, hair, and skin. By the end of the race, runners are covered from head to toe in an array of bright, colorful (cornstarch-based) powders. It’s a messy, exhilarating, and unforgettable experience that has captured the hearts of thousands of runners around the world, and this year’s inaugural race promises to be bigger, better, and wilder than ever!


A Colorful History


The Color Me Rad racing event was originally launched by Lunch Sack Productions in 2012 after the founders were inspired by their local Festival of Colors or Holi celebration based on a Hindu tradition. The race became a social media sensation and quickly grew from 35 annual events to over 100! 


Following a lengthy pause in operations due to the worldwide shutdown of public gatherings and events, the crew at Lunch Sack Productions, who have a history of community giving, sought to resurrect Color Me Rad with a new purpose and direction. To that end, they made the decision to pass the Color Me Rad torch on to the non-profit Liberty Launch Academy, donating the Color Me Rad brand and all their event operations equipment and resources to support LLA’s mission of bringing quality enrichment and education to the children of Liberty Lake and beyond.


The very first Color Me Rad run under new management will be hitting Liberty Lake, Washington, on June 15, 2024.  Community volunteers, families, school leaders, and educators are excited to unite and bring this delightful event to life once more!


More great news: anyone who shows up on race day with a purchase receipt from a previous Color Me Rad event that was canceled due to government COVID-19 measures can participate in this race at no cost!


New Management, New Vision


So, what can fans expect from the new and improved Color Me Rad? In a word: more! More color, more music, more people, and more fun! The new owners are committed to keeping the spirit of the race alive, celebrating the dynamic history of the event while intensifying the thrills for those who have attended before. 


The June 15th Color Me Rad event is a cooperative effort with lots of local buy-in, involving volunteers and participants of all ages in the festivities. Not only will Liberty Launch Academy students be on hand to help guide participants and facilitate scheduled activities, there will also be a dedicated Kid Run following the general race, in which children aged ten and under can enjoy their own colorful adventure!


And the fun doesn’t stop after crossing the finish line. Runners that stick around to feast from the fleet of food trucks and toast their victories in the relaxing beer and wine garden can look forward to ending the evening at the Finish Festival, a music-fueled post-race party filled with activities, vendors, and even more opportunities to get covered in colorful powder. Dance, snap fun photos for your Instagram feed, and be sure to stay for the eye-popping finale!


Running for a Good Cause


Perhaps the most exciting element of the race is the focus on community engagement. The new Color Me Rad is committed not only to providing a fun and memorable experience for runners, but also drawing together the talents and passions of the community to support the common goal of educating and shaping young people to be the leaders and creative visionaries of our future. Every step you take in the Color Me Rad 5K contributes directly to Liberty Launch Academy’s scholarship funds. This event is more than just a race; it’s a determination to create new opportunities and illuminate a bright path forward for our community’s children.


For fans of Color Me Rad, the return of the race is long overdue. Many have fond memories of participating in past races and are eager once again to experience the joy and excitement that Color Me Rad brings. Whether you’re a seasoned Color Me Rad veteran or a newcomer looking for a fun and unique race experience, the new and improved Color Me Rad promises to be bigger, better, and more colorful than ever before.


So, mark your calendars and get ready to lace up your running shoes – Color Me Rad is back, and it’s going to be a race to remember! 


Click here to register for the race!

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