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Hey there, Color Me Rad rookies!

You’ve made the bold decision to dive into the vibrant world of Color Me Rad, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to the party! But before you hit the starting line on June 15th in Liberty Lake, Washington, let’s make sure you’re fully prepped for the colorful adventure ahead. Here are some essential tips to ensure your first Color Me Rad experience is unforgettable – for all the right reasons!

  1. Plan to Arrive Early

Give yourself plenty of time to get settled in before the fun begins. Arriving early allows you to breeze through race packet pick-up, familiarize yourself with the event grounds, and loosen up those muscles with some pre-race stretches. Trust us, starting the day feeling relaxed and prepared sets the stage for an epic run!

  1. Dress For Success

White clothing is your canvas for the explosion of color you’re about to experience, so come dressed to impress! Choose items you don’t mind getting a little messy, and consider rocking old sneakers you can part with post-race. Don’t forget eye protection and a bandana to keep the color out of your face – safety and style, all in one!

  1. Stay Hydrated & Energized

With all the excitement and exertion, it’s crucial to keep your energy levels up and your body hydrated. Load up on water in the days leading up to the race and bring a trusty water bottle along for the ride. Snack smart with portable treats to fuel your adventure and keep those energy levels soaring!

  1. Protect Your Phones & Valuables

Keep your prized possessions safe from the colorful chaos by stashing them in waterproof cases or sealable bags. Leave the bling at home, but don’t forget to bring cash or cards for post-race goodies. And hold onto those keys tightly – you wouldn’t want them to go on an unexpected color adventure of their own!

  1. Pace Yourself

Remember, Color Me Rad is all about the journey, not just the finish line. Take your time, soak in the sights, and savor every colorful moment. Whether you run, walk, or dance your way to the finish, just enjoy the ride – you’ve earned it!

  1. Embrace the Experience

Above all, let loose and have a blast! Capture the magic with plenty of photos, groove to the beats along the course, and revel in the joy of being surrounded by fellow color enthusiasts. Your participation isn’t just about the run – it’s about creating unforgettable memories and supporting a fantastic cause!

If you haven’t secured your spot in the Color Me Rad extravaganza yet, what are you waiting for? Join the fun today and get ready to paint the town (and yourself) in every color of the rainbow!

Can’t wait to see you at the starting line!

Color Me Rad Team 

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