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Have questions or concerns? Don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re here to help. We can’t wait to see you at an upcoming event soon!



Can I choose between a 5k or 1-mile run?

Yes! We offer both options for racers to select based on their preference. Pricing for registration is based on the age of the racer, not by distance. The 1-mile loop was designed specifically for children aged 10 and under or those looking for a shorter distance. However, if your child is 10 and under and prefers to race the 5k, they are more than welcome to register for it! Children aged 2 and under are free and do not need to register. Please note that the 2 and under they will not receive a race shirt or extra items included in race packets.

What if there is bad weather?

You think a few storm clouds can stop the rad? Rain just brightens the colors!  We are a rain or shine event. BUT if the weather is deemed dangerous by the event director or local authorities, we will email you with cancellation or postponement details.

Can I bring my pet?

We love your pets, which is why they aren’t allowed. For the safety of pets and all participants, please leave your furry/scaly/slimy/squawking friends at home. Participation will be prohibited should they tag along.

Service animals are allowed. Pets must wear proper gear/vest and have paperwork for the service animal.

What time should I arrive?

In a perfect world, we recommend you get there about 30–45 mins before your start time. This will give you wiggle room should you encounter traffic, choose to shop at the merch tent, or stretch out before the run.

Are there restrooms?

Yes, we will have portable restrooms on site with hand sanitation sites.

Can I race with a stroller or wagon?

Yes, you’re welcome to bring strollers or wagons, just keep in mind that they will get colorful! Please be mindful of others while you are racing.

Will there be medical on-site?

Yes, we will have a medical tent on site and they are available prior to the race and during the event. If you need any assistance, please see them at the tent.

What should I wear to the race?

You will want to wear WHITE to showcase the best pops of color! We also encourage you to wear sunglasses, or protective eyewear, and handkerchiefs/bandanas. We will have these items on site available for purchase, so don’t fret if you forget these items!

What is the best way to clean up after the race?

Wait! Don’t get wet yet, the best strategy to clean up after a color run is to dust and shake off as much color as you can. Blow Stations will be available at the finish line! This is the best way to clear off most of the color without it adhering to you. Our trusted volunteers will operate leaf blowers, helping the participants to blow away the powder off their bodies. After removing all of the loose powder, you can then use water and wash yourself.

So you ran, you conquered, you got a mess, and now it’s time to go back to your car. Now what?

You might want to pack (and leave in your car). It would be a great idea to have; a plastic grocery bag or small trash bag to place all of your dirty clothes (and shoes) in. A change of clothes to get into after you remove the dirty clothes (don’t forget extra shoes or sandals!) Lastly, towels. One to wipe off with and another to line your seat with.

Does the color wash off?

The powdered color is washable, and should easily wash off of skin and out of hair.

Is there an age limit?

We welcome all ages, even those still in the cooker. Kids 11 and older must register as adults and kids that are 10 and younger may participate in the Kid Run.

Is Color Me Rad safe?

The safety of our runners and employees has always been our top priority. Our color is certified non-toxic and cornstarch-based with food-grade dyes, but as with any substance, you won’t want it in your eyes. All Color Me Rad volunteers receive strict instructions to throw color below the head, but as an extra precaution, many runners opt to wear sunglasses or goggles, and the occasional bandana over the mouth and nose while passing through color stations. We want everyone to be as safe as possible, so if you are allergic to corn or food dye, participation in Color Me Rad is strictly off limits. If you are pregnant or have other health concerns, consult with your doctor.

Are tickets refundable or transferable?

As stated in the terms and agreement provided at the time of purchase, tickets are non-refundable. Event dates and location are subject to change. To transfer tickets to another person or another city email

Can spectators attend the post-race finish festival?

Absolutely. We will have color powder packets available on a first come/first serve basis for everyone to purchase at The Color Run Store.

Will running through the color zones affect my vision or breathing?

Our color powder is all certified non-toxic and free of any heavy metals. Our bright colors are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and FD&C (food-safe) dyes. Some Color Runners opt to wear glasses or goggles for their eyes and use a bandana or dust mask for their mouths. Our Color Throwers make sure to aim low as you pass by.

Is it safe to bring cameras and phones into the color zones?

To be totally safe, we always recommend covering cameras/phones with a protective dust wrap. The Color Run is not liable for any damage that might be done to your phone or camera!

Will the color ruin my clothes or running shoes?

The color mostly washes out after the event. As with anything dirty, the sooner you wash it the better. It’s best to wear items that you wouldn’t mind getting colorful. For FULL color cleaning ideas and tips, check out this link out!

We love color. You love color. We all love color. But sadly, our color is designed to wash out. To keep you looking fresh, we have compiled a few helpful guidelines.


Some hair types just love our color a little more than others. The good news? We have yet to hear of anyone suddenly having permanently pink hair after our event. It will come out! Here are a few tips for keeping your hair color free:

  • Treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner before the event- especially on the ends for highlighted or bleached hair.

  • Consider a hat or bandana.

  • After the event, dust off any loose powder before hopping in the shower.

  • Wash your hair a few times, if necessary.

  • If any color still sticks, repeat!


Generally, your clothes will return to their pre-color-loving state. We do have a few tips to help as you clean them:

  • After the event, dust and shake off as much color as possible.

  • Rinse your colorful clothes in cold water before running a wash cycle- and then wash as you normally would.

  • Don’t wear your brand-new suede boots. Save those for the after party.

  • If color is still holding on, wash it all again!


Strollers, car interiors, camera straps, purses… Our color is wild and free at the event. To keep your gear clean, remember the following:

  • Blowing, shaking, vacuuming, or dusting off your gear before washing it is best. Put some gusto in it!

  • After removing as much excess powder as possible, spot clean as needed.

  • Some gear may take more time and effort to get back to normal. Best practice is to not bring anything you are too worried about having lingering color.